Your app should be easy to understand, easy to use and functionally sound.



Quality UX/UI is essential for success. I focus on who the user is, what they expect to see and maximize the users experience with your app. Once that connection between the user and your app is strong, you’ll see your retention and user base climb. A quality user experience takes knowledge and understanding of who the user is and what they expect to see. They need to feel a connection with the app and feel like it was created specifically for them. Once I have the experience accomplished, the UI becomes essential. Adding a layer of high quality visuals to a well planned and well thought out experience.


Learn the product and research who the users are, how they think and what they expect to see.

Create wire-frames of screen-flows to determine functionality of how a user interacts with the app

Determine placement, amount of taps it takes for a given action, ease of us, logical flow and goal oriented analysis.

Take wire-frames to design stage and determine imagery, colors and typography (font types).

Focus test the app. Analyze. Make adjustments.