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Project Management and UX/UI professional

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Recent work

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KLIQUE - Meet People Near You. I was the Project Manager and led all the UX/UI efforts for Klique. Our challenge was to have a ‘swipe and meet’ app but with a different twist than industry leaders Tinder and Bumble. We added a progress bar that earns points for different user actions. As progress bar was filled it resulted in rewards. The progress bar combined with One Time Direct Messages (a unique messaging concept), retention went up along with downloads.


This project is not yet released on the App Store and therefore cannot share the name at this time. I was the Project Manager and led all UX/UI efforts.


Displayed below are other apps I managed and led UI/UX design.

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I was Project Manager, Level Designer and UI/UX lead for Jumpin Puppy iOS game. I had a custom modules built to allow flexibility in game play mechanics including velocity, points, timer, power-up levels and world building. Full control to implement fun and catchy game play.


I was Project Manager and led all UI/UX design for Ultimate Bet Pro. This was a challenging project with many features including feeds for professional sports teams (NFL, NBA, NCAA, MLB and NHL). We had live feeds for scores, spreads, weather, injuries and real time play-by-play. We allowed users to input their betting data into the app and displayed results of whether they won or lost and calculated their winnings and losses across all sports. We allowed straight, parlay and confidence input for users.