A well organized team leads to a high performing team.


I have 10 years of experience managing projects in agile environments typically sitting between the client and my team conveying the concepts, ideas and goals to the team. Most of the teams I’ve managed are small to medium size (5-15) made up of programmers, artists and testers. Me and my teams typically work remote.

My Project Management experience

Analyze product and propose enhancements to make the product more appealing to its current users, onboard new users with minimal friction, create methods to monetize and propose product and user growth.

Propose roll out plans for different phases of development including budgeting, deliverables and timelines.

Generate documentation outlining product features, technology and various roles needed for the team.

Lead my team in re-writes if needed.

Propose efficiency methods company wide - communication, spreadsheet building, task management and meetings.

Meet with shareholders and creative leads as well as interview potential team members.